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4 Piston CNC Cylinder Heads power the Baddest Turbo Hondas on the Planet.
7.92 @ 201 mph Outlaw World Record

Speedfactory Outlaw Civic

The 4P SFWD Honda Civic features some of the most sophisticated engine, electronics, and aero
advancements in the class. Be sure to check out this 187mph 1300+hp monster piloted by OGS SFWD World Record Holder Shawn Ramey.

RameyBuilt 4P SFWD


World's Fastest K-Series SFWD driven by Joel Sipes, built by SpeedFactory

World's fastest K20

World's Fastest SFWD 8.12 @ 189 MPH driven by Cole Marmon, built by SpeedFactory

Cole Marmon Vibrant Civic

4 Piston Racing Pro Stock RSX!!

4 Piston RSX

4 Piston Racing Pro Stock Insight!!

4 Piston Insight

Premium Engine Parts for the serious racer
Kinsler ITB
Race Engine
K20 CNC ported
4 Piston CNC matched ITBs
Ready to Run Race Engines
K20/K24 Pro 156 CNC
Midget 145
aluminum k24 rod
Ferrea Roller Rocker
Complete Endurance Engine Kits for Proven Power and Durability
Custom Aluminum rods under 340 grams!
Complete Ferrea Valvetrain Kits
top feed injection
Top Feed Injection
Meticulously assembled engines
GSR and B16 CNC Heads
PSI K20 valve springs
H22 ported head
Valve Cover
Valve Springs that last; only the best
Pro H22 CNC
4 Piston CNC Valve Covers
K20 CNC head
Honda mechanical injection
Ferrea roller rocker
K20/K24 Pro 163 CNC
Midget Mechanical Injection
Roller Rockers in stock
4 Piston Racing
Made with pride
Made with pride in Pittsboro, Indiana

CNC Ported Cylinder Heads...BIG FLOW for BIG POWER custom machined to your needs!

Complete CNC Heads Starting at $1250
Industry's Fastest Turnaround!!!

How are we different?
You want flow? All of our cylinder heads have been developed on the flow bench and dyno paying attention to critical details of flow, turbulence, and velocity. Each head is flow tested and comes with a chart from a SuperFlow SF600. We will set you up with a port that suits your combination to ensure you are getting the most from your engine.

What about turnaround time? We pride ourselves in having the quickest turnaround and best customer service in the industry.

How is the quality? Seeing is believing. Our heads are precision machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment, using only the best tooling. Digitizing and programming is done by the best...the inventors of CNC head porting more than 30 years ago.

Look close and you can see the difference. Our designs go through an extensive development and testing process. Every bump and dip is there for a reason...to move the air where we want it.


Tribute to Nick Haines

It has been a couple years since NHswaps Nick Haines passed, and I wanted to say a little something about why he has been here on our front page for so long. We barely knew Nick. I talked to him on and off for a couple weeks on the phone while I was trying to sell him on the reasons our newest CNC cylinder head was better than the competition. Nick put his faith in us and bought the very first Pro 163 to roll off our CNC machine. We were very proud when we packed that head up in the box and sent it east. Nick called us right after he got off the dyno and before he took his first drive. The gratification you get from an excited customer is hard to beat. What felt like minutes later, we got a call that was gut wrenching...that first drive down the street was Nick's last. We have made some very good friends in Nick's car family, and we value those friendships very much. Today, we have sent out nearly 200 heads with that port design, and its still the baddest you can get. Every time we get ready to send one out, we think of Nick. Nick rides down the track with the meanest cars in the business.